Photo Of The Day By David Shield

Photo By David Shield

Today’s Photo Of The Day is “Kachina Tree” by David Shield. Location: Boynton Canyon, Arizona.

“Since I noticed an image of the rarely photographed Boynton Canyon tree a few years ago, I’ve been searching the internet for as many clues as possible for its location,” says Shield. “After some intense research, I was finally ready to make the unmarked trek to what I believed to be the location of this tree. I started out well before sunrise to give me a chance to photograph the tree before the sun rose high enough to burn out details of the tree’s foliage. On my second attempt, I found what I had been searching for. For me, the tree has very special meaning, not only because it has been photographed so few times but also for the special area where the tree is located. This area is dotted with many small caves and structures that were once home to the indigenous people of the area. After photographing this scene, I stayed for a while, trying to imagine the life led by the proud people who called this canyon their home and the special meaning this area had to them.”

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