Photo Of The Day By Deena Sveinsson

Photo By Deena Sveinsson

Today’s Photo Of The Day is “Van Gogh” by Deena Sveinsson. Location: Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.

“I had been trying for days to get a photo of a moose drinking water in the springs with a reflection of the Teton mountain range and moose,” explains Sveinsson. “I seemed to get every other type of photo but the one I had envisioned. This photo required the moose to enter on a specific stretch of water, on a certain side of the water, wanting to take a drink offshore and with no clutter, clear skies and a reflection. Tall order? Maybe I could get some water drips from his mouth? Even taller order.

“We were duped by the moose that sat at the water edge that never went to take a drink. We were duped by a moose when they got up from their slumber only to walk in a different direction than his normal routine. On some days we waited all day in freezing temperatures but came back empty-handed. The reasons why I couldn’t get my dream photo goes on and on…

“I gave up. But one afternoon, it all lined up albeit with 10 minutes to spare before the weather came in. I had to get into the water with waders that weren’t designed for winter use. I had to kneel as much as I could without sinking in the mud. Regardless, I sank into the mud. And I had to deal with really, really cold temperatures. But Van Gogh came through this afternoon.”

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