Photo Of The Day by Ed Stockard

Cruising Antarctica by Ed Stockard
Cruising Antarctica by Ed Stockard

Ed Stockard's photo of penguins near Palmer Station, Antarctica is today's Photo Of The Day. Stockard sent this image to the Flocks, Herds & Schools Assignment. "[This photo was] taken leaving Neko Harbor in the Antarctic Peninsula area," Stockard says. "We were leaving a shore stop and I headed to the top of the cruise ship deck and noticed we were overtaking a small group of Gentoo penguins. As we passed be closely I was able to see both breaching and below surface birds... magical!"

For more about penguins and the top 5 places in the world where you can go to photograph them, see the the article, Penguin Planet by Kevin Schafer.

Stockard used a Canon EOS 20D and a 70-200mm lens.

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    Great shot! I agree with Michael but I also will add that the color really pops on the penguins underwater. Do you know if the water is acting like a diffuser? Sounds and looks like an amazing trip. I hope you keep the pictures coming.

    Great capture Ed!

    To OP: It seems that the staff is losing interest in maintaining features of the website that have to do with the galleries and assignments. No new photo of the day in over a week, no new assignment winner in almost a month, comments have not been able to be posted on images in weeks and email will not go thru to any of the contacts listed on the site. We all like this site but it has been slipping. Please address these issues. Sorry to have to use this space to try and make contact. Again great capture Ed!

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