Photo Of The Day By Jonathan Steele

Photo Of The Day By Jonathan Steele

Photo By Jonathan Steele

Today’s Photo Of The Day is “Yellowstone Bison Attack” by Jonathan Steele.

“Along the Fountain Flats of Yellowstone National Park, the Wapiti Lake wolf pack isolated these three bison,” explains Steele. “Hoping for their next meal, the pack surrounded the bison and slowly worked in closer and closer, eventually attacking as shown in this image. To the left of this scene was a larger herd of bison that the three bison ran to for refuge; they escaped the attack of the wolves. At the end of the attack, all but the alpha male retreated to the hill in the background. The alpha male stood staring at the herd as a single bison came out to face him head on. They stood facing each other for several minutes with the wolf eventually turning and walking back up the hill to rejoin his pack.”

Canon 6D, Canon 100-400mm at 400mm. Exposure: 1/800 sec., f/5.6/ ISO 100/ +.3 comp.

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