Photo Of The Day By Kathleen Wasselle Croft

Photo By Kathleen Wasselle Croft

Today’s Photo Of The Day is “Mammatus Explosion” by Kathleen Wasselle Croft. Location: Lake Powell in Arizona.

“I was all ready for sunrise,” says Croft. “I had scouted my spot the night before trying to emphasize the low water levels in Lake Powell. The levels are as low as they’ve ever been since the Colorado River was dammed. I woke up early in anticipation of a glorious sunrise to be met with dull grey clouds. I waited, hoping, but it was to no avail. The wind was whipping and I knew that a storm was on the horizon. I sat there after the disappointing sunrise and was just taking in all of the peace and quiet that the morning brings. I watched as the beautiful sun began to illuminate the buttes when I notice the Mammatus clouds beginning to form. The reflection was beautiful. Sometimes when we think that the sky has failed us, it turns around and rewards us. It was an absolutely beautiful morning.”

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