Photo of the Day by Mike Taylor

'Noctambulism' by Mike Taylor

‘Noctambulism’ by Mike Taylor

In preparation for the holidays – with Buyer’s Guides and Editors’ Picks – our Photo of the Day section has unfortunately fallen by the wayside. But today we’re back with a well done astro photography image submitted to the Your Favorite Places gallery by Mike Taylor.

“An incredible amount of green and a bit of maroon colored airglow are prominent in this 16 image night sky panorama, which features the full Milky Way arc and covers 240 degrees of view from North (left) to South (right). I centered this image around one of the iconic gnarly trees that clings to the top of the canyon wall at Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah. Noctambulism is another word for sleepwalking and seemed a fitting title for this image,” says Taylor.

You can see more of Taylor’s photos at And find out how to create your own starry sky images with Adam Woodworth’s Landscape Astro Photography article in the December issue!