Photo Of The Day By Theresa Ditson


“Center Stage” by Theresa Ditson

Today’s Photo of the Day was shot on a Nikon D810 with a Nikkor 24-70mm by Theresa Ditson.

“The night I took this photo was unusually cool for a typical mid-summer night in Arizona,” said Ditson. “Of course, it didn’t help my temperature that I had already been saturated by the rains, having shot for several hours previously, and I just had to go up into the elevations of the mountains in Prescott to try to capture a different perspective on an incoming storm. The wind was blowing the clouds so fast that, at this height, it truly looked like fog rolling through at a fast-forward speed. Also, being in the mountains meant that the acoustics of the thunder were amplified into a surround-sound experience, almost like being in a quality theater. The lightning was darting left and right, and I kept moving my camera to try to best capture it. Finally, somehow, almost magically, it stopped playing coy and took center stage, illuminating as far as the bushes just in front of me and beyond with its powerful, natural light.”

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