Photo Of The Day by Tom Mckelvey

Hubbard Glacier 1a by Tom Mckelvey
Hubbard Glacier 1a by Tom Mckelvey


Today's Photo Of The Day by Tom Mckelvey is a good example of using a long focal length to get create a compressed scene. He sent the photo to the Extreme Telephoto Assignment. In this case, Mckelvey was forced into his choice of lens because of his position on a ship that was some distance form the shoreline. He describes taking this picture of the Hubbard Glacier,  "1/800th sec. @ f5, ISO 800, 238mm (357mm equiv). Hubbard Glacier with the 10,000’ Mt. Seattle breaking thru the clouds in the background. Shot while approaching the glacier from a good distance away, in August of 2012. I wanted to get a shot that would highlight the glacier before the light and clouds changed. The shot was not possible with my normal landscape setup, a full frame with a 24-70 lens, so I switched to my D300’s that I had on deck with my long lens and converter on it, just incase we encountered any whales. Having a longer zoom lens on a camera with a 1.5x crop factor along with a converter allowed me to frame the scene the way I wanted to and when I needed it. By the time we reached the glacier the scene had changed considerably so I’m glad I had my “wildlife setup” on hand."

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