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Granite Garden by Cory ONeill

Today's Photo Of The Day is by Cory ONeill and it was a Finalist in our 3rd Annual Nature's Colors Contest. The photo was taken near Bishop, California. ONeill describes the scene, "Even late in the summer, wildflowers such as these shooting star can be found along streams in the high Sierra. I found this garden-like setting in a stunning and infrequently visited basin deep in the John Muir wilderness."

I’ll be selecting a Photo Of The Day as often as I can. The photographs will be selected from the various OP galleries including Assignments, Your Favorite Places and the contest galleries.

-Christopher Robinson, Editor

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    How is it only available three times a year? Especially given the odd spacing of the events and the fact that it takes the Moon (roughly) nineteen years before it rises at the same time, in the same place, and with the same relation to sunrise and position.

    I’m guessing he is talking about the moon’s rising position in relation to the tufa in the middle of the image. He must also be talking about the moon being at 100% full in those particular months.

    TT. Salutations ?? Marron michelle et salut ?? annette et lucio (page 90). Salutations ̩galement au deux richard comme ?? Simon et notre table Opie.Salut ?? Ab̬…

    Pourquoi s’assoir avec des souliers lorsque une couette et deux points verts s’enflamment…

    Une fontaine comme fig̩e dans le temps comme un sceau dans la force du tourbillon, toujours le labyrinthe sur le coeur entre une table et un point et deux pointes au lobe droit de l’oreille comme l’encre bleu ?? l’ombre de l’art en trois lettres capitales.

    Et si le sabot a̩ronautique ̩tait une esp̬ce de m̩tal vers un lieu que l’on nomme l’oeil du centaure pour but par le fruit de nos oeuvres ou nos trouvailles dans notre environnement d’ailleurs, que dire du mod̬le en mille morceaux dans l’indispensable pr̩sence du compas magn̩tique durant nos longs sommeils ?

    “Sur un tableau, quatre personnes forment la famille.La m̬re porte les yeux bleux limpides et sa fille une chevelure ̩caille mi-longs comme si les diff̩rents blonds se m̻lent.Le p̬re a le m̻me visage que le fils sauf l’̢ge reste un obstacle dans une similitude atteinte.

    Le bleu entoure les personnages tels flottant dans l’air. la m̬re porte une robe compagnarde et sobre dont certains ̩l̩ments sont de bleu indigo, la fille porte une robe beige g̩om̩trique simple par contre le p̬re et le fils portent un pull noir dont les manches de celui du fils sont courtes vis ?? vis de son ami, enti̬rement de noir v̻tus.”

    Ils s’appelaient Modrine sans le e, Sofian, Alij̩ (̩ric), Aril sous les feuilles mortes des bois et dans un puit, le soleil brillait entre Solbas et D̩brafh, telle une nuit sans claret̩s qui s’envole dans le jour…

    Thanks, Christopher. I originally submitted the image to “Atmospherics,” which I believe is a better fit, then also submitted it to Twilight even though, technically, the sun had just peeked over the horizon to create the backlit mist.

    This is a very nice composition. I was there a couple of months ago and we found many rocks with well defined trails at the south end of the racetrack. The road is very arduous to say the least but doable in 4×4 – slowly.

    Love this shot especially love how the photographer got the reflection of the sun enhanced by the smoke in water…………would have been so easy to concentrate on that sky and not have deccided to capture the reflection that adds so much…………..very good work regards Rick

    Chris, Great shot beautifully composed. Thanks for describing what you went through to capture this image. I don’t think the general public realizes that it takes a lot of effort to get into position to get this quality of a fine art photograph. Luck plays a part but scouting days in advance takes seeing the potential and the patience to wait for the right light.

    Tim- Thanks for the comment. I agree it’s beautifully composed shot, but I didn’t take the photo. Thanks go to Harry Lichtman for describing the effort he went through to get this photograph.

    Agree, great shot. Foreground is good, reflection in the lake is awesome, mountains and sky in the background are perfect. I’d say you nailed this one. Lovely.

    WOW! Outstanding shot: great composition, beautiful lighting, and the depth of field is impressive – the whole scene is so sharp and crisp. Well done, Joseph, well done.

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