Photographic Portals Assignment Winner Menx Cuizon

Photo By Menx Cuizon

Congratulations to Menx Cuizon for winning the Photographic Portals assignment with the image “Hole of Fame.”

“Two of my friends and I went to Pfeiffer Beach a day before New Year’s Eve,” says Cuizon. “We have planned to visit this place a month prior to experience this phenomenon.

“The location is a little tricky to find and I don’t recall any information signs placed along the highway to alert any visitor. Parking space is also very limited. We parked off the road by the entrance and hiked over a mile down to the beach. There were several visitors and photographers in front of the rock formation when we got there (about 2 p.m.), and luckily, I was able to squeeze in between them in the middle where I wanted to be— to photograph the sun behind the hole.

“As the sun slowly descended near the horizon, the sunbeam coming through the hole became more apparent and beautiful. Then I could hear the camera shutters clicking nonstop as everybody got excited to photograph the light show. I was able to take different compositions, including positioning the sun on the right lower corner for a sunburst effect. The light was breathtaking. The experience was truly amazing!”

Nikon D800, Nikon 24-70mm, shutter remote release. Exposure: 0.4 sec., f/22, ISO 100.

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