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10 years is a long time in many ways. Laptops last two or three years, cars perhaps twice that, but as I approach my 10th anniversary as a full-time professional photographer, I chose to look back along the road and create a new eBook. One that chronicles many of the lessons I’ve learned, conclusions I’ve reached, all of which taken together has ultimately become my philosophy as a photographer.

Insights is the compilation of those things and more. From picking up your camera and heading into the field, to what you turn your lens to, and how to compose a compelling image, you’ll be able to see what 10 years in the field and in front of my computer has done to my perspective on photography.

The release of Insights comes at a time of the year when you’re inundated by holiday greetings, decorations and sales, all landing this Black Friday. You’ll find our sales pitch a little less obtrusive (this book is FREE for our newsletter subscribers – join and the discount code will come to your inbox), but we have also just announced a number of new workshops along with our new eBook. Head to our Photography Store on to see all that is new.

And as we approach Cyber Monday … well, we’ve got something else up our sleeve to announce. It will hopefully change the landscape of the traditional photography eBook model.

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