Project Gado To Release 1,000+ Vintage Images Into Public Domain

Nature Scene in Sedona ca 1980s

Nature Scene in Sedona, CA, 1980s

Project Gado is releasing more than 1,000 vintage images into the public domain. The images will be free for use by bloggers, designers, artists, and others looking to add retro imagery to their creative projects. Read the press release below for more details.

San Francisco, CA. – October 1, 2015 – Project Gado today launched an initiative to release more than 1,000 vintage images into the public domain. The images are free of known copyright restrictions and can be used freely for any purpose, including commercial purposes. They span more than a century of history, from the mid 1890s to the late 1980s, and cover a wide variety of topics, from major historical events to nature, Americana, travel, and everyday life. Many are vernacular images, snapshots and other unique stock photos available nowhere else.

The images will be valuable for bloggers, designers, artists, and others who are looking to add retro imagery to their creative projects. They are also available for browsing by photography enthusiasts and anyone with an interest in history, and can easily be shared to social media. The images are being professionally digitized at Project Gado’s lab in the San Francisco Bay Area. They come from a variety of formats, from postcards and early photographic prints to 35mm slides, Kodachrome film, and Polaroids.

“We are excited to make thousands of vintage images available for free through this new initiative” said Tom Smith, Co-Founder of Project Gado, “In many instances, the photos we’re scanning would be thrown away if we didn’t acquire and digitize them. Saving these valuable glimpses into the past is a perfect fit for our mission of digitizing and sharing the world’s visual history.”

Visitors can view the images and download them for free at Premium images are also available for licensing, through Project Gado’s partnership with Getty Images.

Once the initial 1,000 images are released, Project Gado plans to acquire, scan and release additional images. Those who wish to support this initiative and help Project Gado acquire, digitize and release more public domain photos can donate at Project Gado’s Kickstarter page: