Quick-and-Easy Digital Slide Shows

One great way of putting images together is in a digital slide show done to music. The challenge we all have, if you are like me, is having time to do such a slide show. I had to get something together to promote my trip to Costa Rica with Holbrook Travel and had gotten behind in doing it.

So then I went to Animoto. Dewitt Jones had strongly recommended it to me, but I had not gotten to it. Then another friend gave me an opportunity to try it, and it was great. But then it slipped between the cracks of my memory until I thought, “Duh! This would help me make a good slide show quickly.” Here is the show:

Images of Costa Rica from Rob Sheppard on Vimeo.

This was very easy to put together. I prepped the images in Lightroom. Lightroom makes it very easy to do a group of photos quickly and then size them exactly as needed when exported. I then picked a slide show style from Animoto.com. They have a good range of possibilities there. This makes it easy because you don’t have to do anything fancy with your images other than upload them to the site, which I did.

Next, I went through a bunch of music that was available from Animoto. They have a lot of very modern and dynamic music in all sorts of styles. I spent a bit of time playing the music, looking for music that was both appropriate and of a good length. I added titles (easily done) and created the slide show (which Animoto creates as a video).

They let you know when the video is available. When it was done, I downloaded the higher resolution version and I had my digital slide show!

I have been going to Costa Rica in December and doing a workshop/tour there. This is a great location for photographers and a terrific time. I needed to get a slide show of representative images from where we went for Holbrook Travel and myself, but I have been traveling a lot and had gotten busy so this got put aside. I really needed to do this, and I found that Animoto.com truly made this quick and easy to do. More info on theCosta Rica Trip is at Holbrook — we try to keep the costs reasonable and really immerse photographers into the rainforest and cloud forest life and landscapes of Costa Rica.