RED Announces DSMC

Modular Camera System that Doubles as D-SLR and Video

The Red DSMC System

Scarlet and EPIC are the DNA of RED’s new DSMC system. Using a DSMC (Digital Stills and Motion Camera) lets you shoot no-compromise still or motion images with the same camera. Well Actually with over a trillion different cameras. Configure your camera to handle like a DSLR… or a cinema camera… or anything you can imagine.


Just select a Scarlet Professional or EPIC Master Professional “brain” and start configuring. (You’ll find a new prime number before you get through all the possible configurations.) Now, if you can think it, it’s possible.


Scarlet and EPIC are themselves built on several variations of next-generation Mysterium-X and Mysterium Monstro sensors. With performance specifications that are nearly unbelievable, until you see for yourself. The sensor size and frame-rate combinations, coupled with increased dynamic range and decreased noise, put Scarlet and EPIC off the scales against any competitor. At any price.

Sensor sizes begin at 2/3” and go all the way up to “I don’t believe my eyes” 6x17cm and, as Mysterium technology advances, both Scarlet and EPIC can be upgraded simply by purchasing a new “brain”. Not a whole new camera.

Brains of The Operation (Or, thinking inside the box)

RED EPIC Master Professional

EPIC features a robust machined body and has virtually unlimited options for frame rates and image formats.

Scarlet Professional

Scarlet is compact and lightweight, and supports a wide range of popular motion and still formats.

Obsolescence Obsolete

The DSMC concept is the epitome of “Obsolescence Obsolete”. As technology pushes forwards, there is no reason to buy a new camera every time a sensor, recording module or display technology improves. Instead you can upgrade individual modules, and even interchange Scarlet and EPIC components at will.


The secret to recording visually lossless images at high frame rates and resolution is REDCODE RAW compression. With native support for REDCODE RAW still and motion files in desktop graphics and post production applications, Scarlet and EPIC define high mobility, high resolution imaging.

To build  your own DSMC, select a Scarlet or EPIC “brain” based on your image size and frame rate requirements. Then configure a body around it from the optional modules to match your shooting needs.