Reflection Lake Wildflowers 1

Reflection Lake Wildflowers 1, Mount Rainier National Park, Washington

Pictures don’t get any fresher than this!  I woke up at 2:30am today and drove down to Mount Rainier National Park to photograph the wildflowers around Reflection Lake at sunrise.  I have always wanted to photograph the mountain and reflection in the lake with rosy spireas in bloom, and today I finally timed it right.  I was surprised by how many photographers were there for a Friday.  I have gotten spoiled in Alaska not having to shoot around other people.  A slight breeze or surfacing fish occasionally disturbed the reflection, so this is as close to perfect as it got.  I am happy with what I created.

For those of you aspiring to photograph wildflowers at Mount Rainier this summer, I did a quick drive up to Paradise before driving back to Seattle, and can confirm that the wildflowers probably need 1-2 more weeks to peak.  There are tons of paintbrush and other wildflowers along the side of the road, but the big fields of lupine are only just starting to bloom.  I hope to get back down there late next week before I return to Alaska on August 23rd.

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