Samsung SMX-F50 series

Lightweight, compact camcorders

CES, Las Vegas – January 5, 2011 –  Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, announced today the launch of its SMX-F50 series, the camcorder designed to capture and enjoy special family moments within a compact, high performing, affordable and convenient design. The latest camcorder maintains Samsung’s pioneering design and quality, with an impressive 65x zoom lens, while incorporating additional high-end features including SD Memory and the first Smart Background Music (BGM) in a family camcorder.

The SMX-F50 series delivers premium camcorder technology for families on a budget, to help you capture every family moment and occasion. The lightweight and compact design allows users to keep the camcorder with them at all times. The SMX-F50 series also boasts 65x zoom technology, with additional pixel capability, bringing you closer to the action and emotion of the moment, from any distance. With market-leading continuous recording time of 6 hours 20 minutes (with 16GB memory or card) and the capability of producing H.264 high quality formatted videos, the SMX-F50 series is capable of recording 1.5 times longer than conventional models. In addition to the SMX-F50’s recording capability, the camcorder also includes a USB port for charging on the go or connecting to a PC. Users now have the freedom to shoot, share and recharge anywhere, so they never miss precious family moments. Also, with the SD Memory card and built-in flash memory (at 8GB for the F53 and 16GB F54), the F50 series can record longer, at a higher picture quality, than competitor models.

“We understand that buying a camcorder is a family investment. Research has shown us that people want guaranteed reliability and portability to record a range of special occasions, whether it’s birthdays, Christmas Day or your child’s first school play,” said Mr. Hyunho Chung, Executive Vice President and Head of the Digital Imaging Business, Samsung Electronics. “For these reasons, we want to provide families with easy-to-use and innovative features at an affordable price, for effortless and high quality videos. Most importantly, the SMX-F50 series records vivid and valuable moments over an extended period of time, so customers can share precious moments with friends and family. At Samsung, we understand that ease of use for family capturing is a must-have feature. The SMX-F50 series incorporates an innovative pause button so you can capture your day’s event on one file for easy editing and viewing. Through the Smart Auto feature, intelligent optical zoom and extended recording times, every family can enjoy the fun and emotional experience of capturing great videos through the years.”

Smart BGM to make sure everyone’s voice is heard
Recording background sound and music can often prove difficult with conventional camcorders, as the music can drown out people’s voices when played back. The Samsung SMX-F50 series allows you to choose music to accompany your memories. When the music is edited into the video, the Smart BGM feature automatically lowers the music volume when speech is detected in the film, making sure everyone’s voice is heard. Samsung is the first company to offer the Smart BGM feature, ensuring that whether it’s your baby’s first words or the big wedding speech, you never miss a moment.

Advanced Intelligent Zoom Lens
The SMX-F50’s 65x intelligent zoom feature outshines the capabilities of competitor models on the market so you’re never far from the action. Whether it’s your child’s first touchdown at the football game, or the lead role at the Christmas play, this is the camcorder to catch all the action in vivid colors.

New Record Pause at your fingertips
For moments when you need to take a break, the latest and newly introduced Record Pause technology allows users to briefly pause while recording and then resume filming from that exact moment. This means you don’t have to merge files for editing when the recording is finished. Recording is completely hassle free when capturing a sporting event or interviewing several different people at a family wedding, and sharing an event can be as simple as uploading one file.

Family Moments brought to life through the Smart Feature set
With the SMX-F50, you have the best technology at your fingertips to achieve great video quality. The Smart Auto feature selects the correct shooting mode depending on the light conditions and the subject you’re capturing, advanced Smart BGM ensures you never miss a word from those special family occasions, and Record Pause merges the files into one. These innovative features mean you no longer have to take on the role of film editor. Instead, you can capture all the special moments of your child’s sports day in one continuous and seamless recording. The SMX-F50 series design has been streamlined with a more compact finish so that users can hold the camcorder effortlessly, enabling advanced portability and the ability to focus entirely on family subjects and occasions.

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