Scale Assignment Winner Anna Tymczak-Rzemieniuk

“Death Valley” by Anna Tymczak-Rzemieniuk

Congratulations to Anna Tymczak-Rzemieniuk for winning the Scale Assignment!

“This picture was taken on February 23, 2015, at the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes in Death Valley National Park,” said Tymczak-Rzemieniuk. “We arrived at the dunes early to catch the morning light and to avoid the crowds. By noon my husband and I were ready to leave as more tourists were hiking the dunes and it was difficult to get a shot without someone walking into the frame. Before we left, though, I was able to capture this image, and although I don’t usually incorporate human subjects into my landscape photography, I was glad to make an exception. Here, having someone included in the image worked to my advantage in order to demonstrate the absolute vastness of Death Valley and the relative insignificance of human beings in this landscape. I was thrilled to capture an image that so clearly highlights our scale in the grand design. I went against popular convention and decided to use a telephoto lens in order to compress the distance between the sand dunes and the mountains. I think the use of the long lens accentuated the scale even further and helped me capture different layers of topography through the inclusion of the sand dunes, the desert landscape, the mountains and the snow-capped mountain peaks in the distance.”

Equipment: Nikon D610, 70-200mm f/4