Sekonic Introduces New DTS Software for L-758DR Meter

Elmsford, NY – March 18, 2008 – Sekonic announced the release of new Data Transfer Software for the L-758DR exposure meter. The software is used to create and edit camera exposure profiles and then transfer them to the L-758DR for extremely accurate control of exposure. Along with the sensor’s dynamic range, it records the unique variations of your digital camera, such as the effects of shutter speed and aperture mechanisms as well as the characteristics of the lens in use.

“With the L-758DR and DTS system, photographers can know the true sensitivity range of their camera system and have a custom-tuned meter to make the best exposure decisions,” said Sekonic Product Manager Phil Bradon.

Improvements in Version 2.0 eliminate the need to use Photoshop to obtain density numbers. The new software is also designed to be more user-friendly; its adjustable graph function makes quick work of viewing and modifying profiles. The software is available via a free download on Also, there is a new target, available this spring from dealers, that will reduce the number of test shots needed.