Sigma Releases Photo Pro Demo CD

Sigma Corporation of America is pleased to announce the availability of the Sigma Photo Pro Demo CD, recently introduced at Photo Plus Expo last October. This CD features both PC and Mac versions of Photo Pro software and a selection of X3F raw image files made by a number of professional and nonprofessional photographers, using the SD14 camera system.

It will help illustrate the image quality of the SD14 camera, powered the Foveon image sensor. The software can be installed on the user’s PC or Mac computer, and the image files downloaded, viewed, manipulated, saved as TIFF or JPEG files, and even printed or exported to other image processing softwares. It will allow users, unfamiliar with Sigma SD digital cameras and the Foveon image sensor, to experience the high image quality of this system, as well as the versatility and simplicity of the Photo Pro software. Customers interested in receiving a copy of this illustrative demo CD can contact Sigma Corporation of America to make their request. Please note that quantities of this CD are limited and this offer is for US customers (shipping only within United States).