SKB Flyer Series Case Does Double Duty

SKB Flyer Series for photography
SKB's Flyer series for photography offers tough, waterproof protection on the outside, and a removable Think Tank designed pack on the inside.

Hard cases provide the ultimate protection for your camera gear, while soft-sided camera bags typically offer greater organizational flexibility and portability. The SKB Flyer Series, created in partnership with Think Tank Photo, is the best of both options, with SKB’s watertight hard case on the outside and a removable, customizable Think Tank photo backpack inside.

SKB Flyer Series
The Think Tank backpack inside is easy to remove and take with you when portability is the priority,

Four models are available, including the carry-on qualified 3i-2011-7BP, which has room for two DSLRs, lenses, accessories and a laptop. Travel with your gear safely in the hard case, then remove the backpack and you’re ready to hit the trail. Estimated street price: $329. Contact: SKB,

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