Solutions: Endless Storage

The G-DOCK ev makes unlimited RAID storage practically effortless

The problem with most desktop backup drives is that once you’ve reached your storage capacity, you’re faced with either storing the drive and its bulky enclosure indefinitely, or buying a new, larger-capacity drive and transferring all of your images to it. G-Technology’s G-DOCK ev with Thunderbolt offers an innovative alternative.

The dual-bay dock hosts two drives that can be configured in either RAID 0 (“striping” for greater capacity) or RAID 1 (“mirrored” for data redundancy). For our purposes, configuring the drive as RAID 1 is the way to go—whatever data is on one drive is automatically copied to the second.

The G-DOCK ev is compatible with three drive options: the G-DRIVE ev (500 GB or 1 TB); the faster G-DRIVE ev 220 (2 TB); or the fastest, the solid-state G-DRIVE ev SSD (512 GB). These drives can operate independently of the dock, with bus-powered USB 3.0 connections for backups in the field.

When you return home, slip the drive with your field backups into the dock, and all of your images will be copied automatically to the second drive. You can use any combination of G-DOCK ev drives, so you might opt for solid-state SSD in the field and the larger-capacity G-DRIVE 220 2 TB drive in bay 2 to house your backups.

The elegance of this solution is that when your backup drive is full, you simply eject and label it, and then store it securely, should the need for it ever arise. The compact design of these drives makes storing them relatively convenient compared to the larger desktop systems.

As an additional benefit, the G-DRIVE ev drives are also compatible with the G-DRIVE ev All Terrain Case (see our Holiday Buyer’s Guide in this issue) for enhanced water and shock protection in the field. The All Terrain Case is available separately or with a 1 TB drive included.

The G-DOCK ev with Thunderbolt ships with two 1 TB drives installed, with a list price of $499.95. Additional drives range in price from the 500 GB G-DRIVE ev at $99.95, to the 2 TB G-DRIVE ev 220 at $349.95, to the ultrafast, solid-state 512 GB G-DRIVE ev SSD at $499.95.