Sony a6400 Can Now Do Real-Time Eye AF For Animals

real-time eye af for animals is now possible with the Sony a6400 (pictured)

Sony a6400

Sony has released Firmware Version 2.0 for the a6400, which enables the camera to perform real-time Eye AF for animals.

The company has been aggressively advancing its Eye AF technology, an AI-driven, enhanced eye detection system that’s based on the results of machine learning and subject recognition.

The Sony a6400, when released earlier this year, was the first Sony camera to introduce real-time Eye AF. In March, Firmware Version 5.0 for the Sony a9 brought real-time Eye AF to that camera. Then in April, Sony released Firmware 3.0 for the a7 III and a7R III, which added real-time Eye AF for animals.

This video demonstrates the technology in action:

At present, the system officially supports domestic animals, but Sony is continuing to develop its capabilities and we expect is to expand its recognition of additional animal types in the relatively near future.

For specifics on the functionality of the system, check out this page on the Sony Japan website.

To download Firmware Version 2.0 for the a6400:

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