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Sports Action Assignment Winner Daryl Hunter

Fly-Fisherman, Green River Lake by Daryl Hunter

Fly-Fisherman, Green River Lake by Daryl Hunter

Congratulations to Daryl Hunter for his winning photo in the Sports Action Assignment.

“After a fine Autumn day of shooting fall foliage at Green River Lakes north of Pinedale Wyoming, after the sun falling below the peaks it was time to head back to the car.  On my way back my good friend “serendipity” smiled upon me.  As I crossed the bridge over the Green River I saw a fly-fisherman casting to trout in the lake that was reflecting the 4,000-foot granite face of Square Top Mountain in its still waters. Although I was still in access of 100 yards from the fisherman I started shooting right away and continued to do so until I was within speaking distance.

“As I approached I was thrilled to see he had the youthful good looks of an actor out of the movie  “A River Runs Through It” and was outfitted like a model out of an Orvis advertisement.  I asked if I could photograph him and he was fine with it. Being in a landscape devoid of action photography light, I assured the fisherman that if he cooperated with helping me deal with my lighting challenges, he would have a very nice photo for his wall. He kindly ignored the rising trout and held very still while I shot at an impossibly slow shutter speed while trying to achieve a modicum of depth of field.

“I initially post process my photos in Aperture by Apple which I use for processing and organizing my photos. With the highlight & shadow panel I lightened the shadows, and brought down the highlights to accentuate cloud detail. I then pumped up overall saturation a smidgeon. I then fine-tuned these adjustments with the low tonal width slider, mid contrast slider and high tonal width slider. Then I set black and white points in levels. In the color panel I increased yellow saturation and decreased the blue.”


Hunter used a Canon EOS 5D Mk II and a Canon EF24-105mm f/4L lens

For every Assignment, the OP editors will select a winning image at the conclusion of the entry period. The winner will be featured on the OP home page and in a blog article about how the photograph was taken. To get your photos into the running all you have to do is submit them.

-Christopher Robinson, Editor
You can find me on Twitter @OPRobinson