Spring Mammals, Birds and More Assignment Winner Paul Holdorf

Spring Mammals, Birds, Amphibians and More Assignment Winner Paul Holdorf

Photo By Paul Holdorf

Congratulations to Paul Holdorf for winning the recent Spring Mammals, Birds, Amphibians and More Assignment with the image, “Moving Forward.”

“On a beautiful spring day, we decided to go for a little drive to try and cure a case of Spring Fever. Here in Bozeman, Montana, spring doesn’t mean the end of snow! It had, however, been quite nice for several days so we thought we might get a chance to see some wildflowers. It didn’t take long to get to this wonderful spot where a herd of bison was slowly making its way across a beautiful meadow. The sun was hidden behind some puffy clouds and a fairly stiff breeze was blowing. It was fun to watch the flock of brown-headed cowbirds follow along as the bull moved steadily forward. In addition to picking ticks and other insects off the hide of the bison, they also enjoy the insects that are disturbed as the bison walk through the grass.

“I wish you could hear what we could hear, in addition to seeing the image. There were sandhill cranes calling in the distance and the mellow grunts of the bison and his herd mates. The breeze swished between the stalks of grass and flowers as it, like the bison, moved relentlessly across the meadow. The chirping and chattering of the cowbirds was occasionally outdone by a meadowlark somewhere out there. Spring is such an incredible season!”

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