Summer Adventures Assignment Winner Harry Lichtman

Congratulations to Harry Lichtman for winning the recent Summer Adventures Assignment with the image, “Sculptured Coast.” See more of Lichtman’s photography at  

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Winner: "Sculptured Coast" By Harry Lichtman


“Some of the most beautiful and intriguing geology is along the coast of New Hampshire,” says Lichtman. “You’re looking at 500+ million-year-old history in the highly deformed metasedimentary gneiss. This means that the rock was formed deep within the earth under great pressure from cooling and hardening of magma. Intrusions of feldspar, quartz, garnet and basalt can be found. Tides and storms rearrange the huge boulders at the base and often leave copious amounts of seaweed that conceal them entirely. Since parking along the New Hampshire coast was banned over the summer due to Covid restrictions, many sunrise bike rides were made to access the coastal zone."