Summer Storms Assignment Winner Theresa Ditson

Congratulations to Theresa Ditson for winning the recent Summer Storms Assignmetn with the image, “Anticipation.”

Photo By Theresa Ditson

Congratulations to Theresa Ditson for winning the recent Summer Storms Assignment with the image, Anticipation.

“‘Anticipation:’ Suspense master Alfred Hitchcock has said, ‘There is no terror in the bang; only in the anticipation of it,'” says Ditson. “I watched this weather system in Prescott, Arizona, start out quite small and suddenly progress to a swirling massive cloud dropping lightning bolts and approaching my direction. For a brief moment, the edge of the cloud took on a subtle fuchsia hue as the sun was setting opposite but was partially blocked by clouds in its own direction, creating a surreal effect to the ambient light that was atypical of any other sunset colors I had seen.  For this brief moment of anticipation, the wind stood still and all seemed almost falsely calm, and I actually thought the storm was going to die out before it would escalate any further. But then I heard it— as if having taken one deep breath, held it for a moment, then finally exhaled with full force, the wind picked up in front of me, the leaves in the trees behind me trembled and quaked audibly, and suddenly all fury broke loose! I could not even pack my camera away; I just put the cap on and ran with the tripod at my side but still fully extended, the rain and wind blasting me sideways and into my ear. I finally made it back to my vehicle, thoroughly drenched, and remembered countless other similar experiences I had been through—all part of trying to capture the monsoons over the years. I hope you enjoy.”

Nikon D810, Nikkor 14-24mm lens at 17mm, Manfrotto Tripod, Really Right Stuff Ballhead. Exposure: 1.6 seconds, ƒ/13, ISO 64. 

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