The Forgotten Summer

Mist rises over forest at sunset, Paradise, Mt. Rainier

I headed back to Mt. Rainier again yesterday to see if, by September 1st, the legendary wildflowers were likely to bloom at all this year.  Apparently not: the meadows around Paradise are still dotted with snow, the heaviest in years. Many of the flowers are still just emerging from winter, and with autumn in the air, I doubt they will have enough time. For them, summer never happened.  Maybe they’ll have better luck next year!

So instead of photographing flowers, I stuck around long enough to take some shots of the fading light of sunset.  I chose not to shoot the classic shot of the mountain but to concentrate on details, light and shape.

Alpine trees at sunset, near Paradise, Mt. Rainier National Park

For this second shot, I remembered Galen Rowell’s comment about seeing nice light and then running around madly trying to put something in front of it. That’s pretty much what I did here.  Moving quickly, I found some trees and tried to balance all the shapes into a coherent composition before the light vanished. Within a few minutes, the light was gone, and I started the long drive home.

Nikon D3, 70-200mm lens