The Great Basin and a Color Palette

The Rabbitbrush of the Great Basin, California by Jay Goodrich

The Rabbitbrush of the Great Basin, California © Jay Goodrich

I am traveling around the Great Basin of California right now with friend and fellow photographer Art Wolfe. Last Saturday we taught a one day lecture on the Art of Composition in San Jose, California and now we are shooting the fall colors in and around the Mono Lake area.

While most photographers travel to Mono Lake to photograph the tufa formations, we discovered  a location of rabbitbrush and sagebrush in amazing peak color. The composition quickly became an image of color, texture and pattern. I can completely visualize this photo as a contemporary abstract painting and for me that is what makes the scene a success. The key to shooting images like this is trying to find a balance between the lights and darks in your frame, too much of one or the other and the photo becomes less successful.

Next weekend Art and I will be teaching another one-day class on the Art of Composition in Portland, Oregon. Until then my life is about creating unique compositions of this extremely unique landscape. There will be more coming.