The Nesting Bald Eagles Of Smith Rock State Park Oregon. A short film by George Lepp.

Nesting Bald Eagles Of Smith Rock Oregon

An adult eagle feeds a 2-week-old eaglet in George Lepp’s Nesting Bald Eagles Of Smith Rock Oregon video.

In the April issue of OP, we ran the Eagle Eyes article by George Lepp where he detailed how he photographed and recorded a pair of bald eagles over a period of 12 weeks from hatching to fledging. In the article, which you can see here if you missed it in print, Lepp shared how he was able to get this extraordinary collection of photos and he detailed the gear that was required. The project involved shooting still images as well as full motion video. The finished video can be viewed here:

The nest was 200 feet out from a cliff which gave Lepp the opportunity photograph from an unobstructed vantage point as the pair of adults hatched and raised their eaglets into full fledged eagles. Even with the rare vantage point, Lepp needed some extreme focal lengths to get these incredible close-up views. He used Canon telephoto lenses and tele-extenders to get as much as 4800mm for some shots!