D2XS_RightHero.jpgNikon® (, the world leader in photography, today introduced the new D2xs™ professional digital SLR camera, incorporating an impressive range of refinements that improve overall camera performance and enhance the user experience.     

The D2xs shares many performance and design innovations with the current and highly successful D2x camera, including the 12.4 million pixel DX format CMOS image sensor that renders images with high resolution and sharp detail, necessary for demanding professional assignments.  The D2xs also hosts a range of upgraded features that make operation significantly more responsive – including refined viewfinder performance that makes for easier composition when shooting in Nikon’s exclusive High-Speed Crop mode, a new 2.5 inch LCD with a 170-degree wide viewing angle, individually calibrated at the factory to ensure consistent color fidelity, significantly increased battery life and a wide range of firmware enhancements. 
With its numerous refinements, the D2xs is truly equipped to meet the widely varied demands of today’s professional photographers who strive to create photographs that push the boundaries of what’s possible.  Not only does the camera successfully combine high resolution, speed and quality, but it also incorporates exclusive technologies that enable unfettered creativity.  Options such as the WT-2A Wi-Fi transmitter achieves full wireless remote camera control and transmission, while the revolutionary i-TTL Speedlight technology included in the D2XS ensures radical new possibilities in creative lighting.  

“Increasingly, professional photographers have chosen the D2x as their primary workhorse camera due to its remarkable performance and versatility, making it Nikon’s best selling professional digital SLR camera.  With the introduction of the D2xs, Nikon has built upon the proven performance of its predecessor and added new technologies and refined features that will offer professionals an enhanced overall experience,” said Edward Fasano, general manager for Marketing, SLR Systems Products, Nikon Inc.  “The D2xs is poised to become the next Nikon DSLR of choice among professional photographers.” 

Versatility Refined
Many of the capabilities that made the D2x such a success have been retained.  The D2xs is capable of capturing 12.4 megapixel JPEG or RAW (NEF) images at a rate of up to 5 frames per second in continuous shooting mode, and maintains a rapid start-up time, the world’s shortest shutter release time lag of just 37ms, as well as a viewfinder blackout time of just 105 milliseconds.  The D2xs also inherits the popular High-Speed Crop mode that uses a specific central area of the sensor to capture 6.8 megapixel resolution images at an incredible rate of up to 8 frames per second.  A newly developed viewfinder in the D2xs automatically superimposes a mask over the cropped area within the viewfinder while in the High-Speed Crop mode, for easier and more confident composition. 

The D2xs features Nikon’s acclaimed Mutli-CAM2000 high-speed AF system, with eleven autofocus sensors – nine of which are cross-type and placed in the rule of thirds layout.  The D2xs offers improved subject acquisition and tracking capabilities as well as a new option for controlling the duration of Lock-On™ focus tracking, making it easier to adjust for shooting different types of scenes and action. 

New Image Rendering and Menu Options
With a combination of powerful image-processing technologies and Nikon’s exclusive 1,005 pixel 3D-Color Matrix Metering II, the D2xs makes it possible to capture beautiful 12.4-megapixel images that meet and exceed professional photographers’ needs for larger files that are rich in detail, color and smooth tonal range. The D2xs has also been refined so demanding photographers can take advantage of Nikon’s 3D-Color Matrix Metering II even in the High-speed Crop mode.  Professional photographers will appreciate the ability to select Adobe RGB in any of the three color modes – making it possible to work with a wider range of colors to match highly diverse assignments and workflow environments, while ideally complementing the NEF file. In-camera creative possibilities are extended even further through the addition of a new Black & White (sRGB) color mode.  Photographers shooting in RAW (NEF) will have the ability to shoot in black and white and still retain the color information in the RAW image data, allowing them to easily reverse a black and white image to color using Nikon’s new Capture NX software.
RAW and JPEG images taken using the D2xs can be trimmed within the camera to produce images of reduced display sizes ranging from 640 x 480 to 2,560 x 1,920 pixels. The resulting smaller files can help improve workflow efficiency by eliminating the time required to download and perform software editing within a computer. 

New ISO sensitivity options offer greater convenience to photographers who work under constantly changing lighting conditions such as weddings. A new Auto ISO feature allows photographers to maintain a specific shutter speed while letting the camera automatically select an appropriate ISO setting, within a predefined range of sensitivities, based on the existing lighting conditions.  This feature helps achieve optimum exposure while freeing the photographer to concentrate on composition.  ISO sensitivity can also be manually set between ISO-equivalent 100 and 800 in increments of 1/3 EV, or boosted using HI-0.3, HI-0.5, HI-0.7, HI-1 or HI-2 settings when high sensitivity is a priority. The 3 settings between 800 and HI-1 are newly added to give the D2xs finer control over sensitivity.  

Refined Ergonomics and Design
The D2xs body is consistent with the exterior styling of the D2-series, adopted from a design created by famed industrial designer, Giorgetto Giugiaro*. The body is proportionate and well balanced, with a well designed interface that is intuitive and seamless. 
The D2xs improves upon its predecessor’s energy efficient design, and when combined with the newly developed high-energy EN-EL4a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the camera boasts an unprecedented 3,800** shots per charge.  Nikon’s highly sophisticated, real-time battery Fuel Gauge system in the D2xs allows photographers to determine the precise level of remaining charge, number of shots taken per charge and the overall life of the battery – all at the touch of a button.  

A new 2.5-inch, 235,000 dot LCD monitor in the D2xs allows a 170-degree wide viewing angle, and is individually calibrated at the factory to ensure consistent color fidelity.  The D2xs also features a new color scheme for menu displays.  

Expanded Software Options
The D2xs features a unique Image Authentication feature that, when used with Nikon’s new Image Authentication Software, marks the authentication of an image captured by the camera and can determine whether or not it has been altered since capture. Image data is a critical link in the “chain of evidence” for verifying image authenticity, and D2xs’s hardware and software-based image authentication solution allows easy, secure authentication of images for a wide range of requirements. The software enables verification of JPEGS, TIFF and NEF (RAW) images taken with the Nikon D2xs.  

A new remote control software called Camera Control Pro is also available for the D2xs, enabling unprecedented remote control operation of many camera functions from a personal computer. Camera Control Pro software is the next generation of camera control software, previously bundled with Nikon’s Capture 4 software, and features substantial advanced features that offer limitless creativity to photographers who need to control their camera remotely. Camera Control Pro can control the D2xs remotely tethering a high-speed USB cable or optional
WT-2a wireless transmitter. 

The D2xs is also compatible with Nikon’s soon-to-be-released Capture NX™ software – a highly versatile yet elegantly simple photo editing solution that provides easy, yet powerful and visually intuitive image-editing and enhancement tools. With Capture NX, photographers will be able to tap into the full potential of D2XS’s RAW (NEF) files, while also apply powerful photo image processing and editing tools to JPEG and TIFF files. 


The D2xs will be available from Nikon authorized retailers in late June for an estimated street price of $4699.95***.  For more information, please visit