The Photography Tune-Up | eBook | Version 2.0


Photography Tune-Up eBook Cover by Jay GoodrichWithin this updated ebook you’ll find over twenty pages of new and inspiring content to kickstart your photography or throw it into high gear.

Has your camera been sitting frightened and alone in a dark closet, in some out-of-the-way location of your house? Neglected. Forgotten about. Allowed to become home to multiple species of arachnids? Did winter or some similar event send you back into your den for a long, dark hibernation away from the joys of creating images? A hibernation that has your head filled with miscellaneous cobwebs too? Maybe like that classic convertible in the garage?

What’s the first thing that your dormant car gets before you head out with the top down? Yes, the almighty tune-up. Perhaps a fresh battery, an oil change or new anti-freeze. Then you create some plans to travel, maybe to some of our National Parks; you’re sure to pick a great place to drive through with your now completely tuned car. You reach into the closet for the camera…and all those spiders attack. Now, as you recover in the hospital, you realize that you don’t remember a thing about taking a photograph beyond a lame social media snapshot. How do those camera controls work? What’s the objective of a compelling photograph? This is your chance to fix all of that…

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