Time Lapse Basics Tutorial Video by Vincent Laforet

The explosive popularity of time lapse is coinciding with the introduction of a number of tools that enable us to make ever more dynamic time lapse movies. If you haven’t tried it, getting started in time lapse can be a little daunting. Once you’ve taken those first shaky steps, you’ll find that you progress very quickly.

In this outstanding tutorial, Vincent Laforet goes through the basics. I’ve been heavy into time lapse since I saw the trailer for Tom Lowe’s TimescapesShawn Reeder’s Yosemite Range Of Light and Tony Rowell’s Astronomy Time Lapse. Laforet’s is the best tutorial I’ve seen to date. The video breaks down what to look for in a time lapse subject and how calculate the number of exposures you need so you can set up your camera accordingly. In the clips of actual time lapse footage, the camera’s settings, including shutter speed and interval, are displayed along the bottom of the screen which answers the eternal question, “what were camera settings for that shot?”

The tutorial is both informative and shows some stunning imagery that Laforet shot in Bryce Canyon, Utah. This tutorial is the first in a series and considering some of the multiple camera setups and slider setups that are shown, I’m guessing that the future episodes will delve into those aspects of shooting time lapse.

Check out Laforet’s comprehensive writeup which includes copious descriptions of all of the gear he uses for time lapse and why he uses it. You can find that on his blog: blog.vincentlaforet.com.