Upcoming Exhibit : Canton, MA

Warning : shameless self-promotion ahead...

I will be having an exhibit of my endangered species work at the Mass Audubon Visual Arts Center in lively Canton MA from January 29-May 13, 2012. It will showcase approximately 70 images of threatened wildlife from all over the world, including some of my Amazon River Dolphin work for National Geographic. If you live nearby, plan to have a look.  Or better yet, come to my lecture on February 25 when I will be visiting the Center, introducing the show, signing books - and talking about my wildlife work. For more information, see here.

In the meantime, I am off tomorrow for Australia, continuing my project with wild Cassowaries - the largest rainforest bird in the world (and some say, the most dangerous..)  I hope to be posting from the field for the next two weeks.

Photo: Amazon River Dolphins, Rio Negro, Brazil


    All my lenses fit my Sony a100, so I do not want to switch to another brand camera. On the other hand the a100 is a little long in the tooth and I would like to replace it. I had thought of the 850 but it appears this is no longer offered. The 580 looks nice, but I had hoped to go beyond that camera’s capabilities. Are there any new plans for a Sony DSLR? One that might be above the 580 but below the 900? Does anyone have any good info on this?

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