Vimeo Festival + Awards

Celebrates creative online video

NEW YORK, June 3, 2010 – Vimeo®, an operating business of IAC [NASDAQ: IACI], opened the submissions window today for the Vimeo Awards, which honors creative and original online videos and the people that create them.
Starting today, people around the world can submit their videos for consideration across nine judged categories. The judges will choose the Best Online Video from the top videos in each category, and that winner will receive a $25,000 grant to produce new work. Videos must have debuted online within the past two years to be considered. Vimeo will announce the winners during an awards ceremony at the close of its two-day festival on October 8-9 in New York City. Additionally, Vimeo will preview some of the finalists’ work at a screening event in Amsterdam in September.

“The Vimeo Festival & Awards is an acknowledgment of—and showcase for— the unprecedented level of creativity, skill and innovation coming from online video today,” said Dae Mellencamp, Vimeo’s General Manager. “We believe that the awards will not only honor the best work but, by pairing it with a festival, will also bring creative online communities together to learn from and be inspired by each other.”
An independent panel of judges comprised of luminaries and experts within their categories will evaluate and select award winners. The judges include:

• Adam Quirk of Wreck and Salvage
• David Lynch
• DJ Spooky
• Doug Pray
• Fred Seibert
• Justin Cone
• Jose Luis de Vicente
• Lucy Walker
• Morgan Spurlock
• Nabil Elderkin
• Nicholas Schmerkin
• Nick Campbell
• Roman Coppola
• Ree Treweek of the Blackheart Gang
• Vincent Laforet
• … and more to be announced.
“I am so happy to take part in this acknowledgment of independent filmmakers from around the world,” said Morgan Spurlock. “It is definitely time for the online creative community to be celebrated.”

“This is an incredibly exciting time to be a filmmaker— the technology is there now that will enable a talented individual to produce amazing work and to share it with the world on Vimeo,” said Vincent Laforet. “They can expect an incredible level of feedback from the Vimeo community comprised of fellow creatives, and I am very excited to have been asked to be one of the judges of this competition!”

The categories include:

1. The Vimeo Award: Best of all categories. Winner to receive $25,000 grant to produce new work.

2. Narrative: Live-action narrative fiction told through the medium of film/video

3. Documentary: Short films/videos that seek to document compelling actuality or reality

4. Animation: A simulation of movement created by displaying a series of pictures or frames.

5. Experimental: Short films/videos that are often characterized by the absence of a linear narrative.

6. Music Video: Short films/videos that accompany a complete piece of music or song

7. Motion Graphics: The use of the principles of graphic design to create a film or video using animation or filmic techniques.

8. Remix: A film/video that combines elements such as sounds and pictures of other works to create a metamorphic work.

9. Captured: Videos that capture an artistic expression or performance

10. Original Series: A periodically released collection of original episodic content

Honorary Awards:

• The Feature Presentation Honorary Award: Honoring the vanguard and innovative release of unique feature film online (Nominations accepted)

• Digital Maverick Honorary Award: Honoring pioneering spirit in the world of online video.

The Vimeo Awards will accept submissions from June 3, 2010 – July 31, 2010 for a $20 (U.S.) fee per-video ($5 for Vimeo Plus members) at Entrants can submit any original work as long as it has premiered online between June 3, 2008 and July 30, 2010 or has never been premiered anywhere. All entries must comply with the Official Rules of the Vimeo Festival & Awards. Additional details on the festival to be announced shortly. For more information on the Vimeo Festival & Awards, please visit

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