Wildlife 2020 Photo Contest Finalists

Our Wildlife Photo Contest, now in its second year, received nearly 1,000 entries showcasing the behaviors and habitats of wildlife around the world. The winners will be announced soon. 

Check out this slideshow of the 25 finalists.

Untitled by Joshua Galicki

Untitled by Joshua Galicki

I initially expected some coastal brown bears to hunt in a solitary fashion and stay away from each other along the shoreline as the salmon run was in full swing in Alaska. To my surprise there were two younger bears chasing and playing with each other at short range. This gave me the opportunity to take many images of the engagement with this particular frame standing out amongst the rest. I was also grateful that both were in shallow water as the splashing added exponentially to the scene. I converted the frame to black and white as it appeared more aesthetically pleasing. I hope viewers will immediately feel the impact of the action and display of energy between these two individuals. For me, the bear on the left sports a defensive posture, while the bear on the right sports offense.