Wildlife 2020 Photo Contest Finalists

Our Wildlife Photo Contest, now in its second year, received nearly 1,000 entries showcasing the behaviors and habitats of wildlife around the world. The winners will be announced soon. 

Check out this slideshow of the 25 finalists.

"Hippos Squabbles" by Lori Shemanski


This photo was taken during a once in a lifetime safari vacation to Kenya and Tanzania. One of our stops was for a 3 day stay at a tented camp located at the foot of the Aitong Hills in an oxbow that is surrounded on three sides by the Mara River in southern Kenya (and a known hippo location). We were able to enjoy the sight and sounds of hippos from our own private verandah. One afternoon in between safari drives I spent about an hour watching these two hippos squabble while all the rest of the hippos were sleeping along the river bed mud.They were highly entertaining making a variety of sounds, snorting, grumbles and wheezes. I wanted to capture this ritual of the hippos squabbling.