Wildlife 2020 Photo Contest Finalists

Our Wildlife Photo Contest, now in its second year, received nearly 1,000 entries showcasing the behaviors and habitats of wildlife around the world. The winners will be announced soon. 

Check out this slideshow of the 25 finalists.

"Harlequin Ducks" by Rick Kramer


I have photographed these comical harlequin ducks on the Yellowstone River in the past, but I was never satisfied with the results concerning the rushing water around them. The problem was that the ducks never stop moving about, flapping their wings, preening themselves and jostling amongst each other, thus making a high shutter speed almost mandatory to get a shar photograph of them. This also froze the splashing water of the river, making it distracting and drawing your attention away from the main subjects. To soften the turbulent water, I switched to a very slow shutter speed, but this required taking hundreds of images to capture the ducks when they were all perfectly still.