Winter Shadows Assignment Winner Nico DeBarmore

'Morning Shadows in Winter' by Nico DeBarmore

‘Morning Shadows in Winter’ by Nico DeBarmore

Congrats to Nico DeBarmore for winning the Winter Shadows Assignment!

“On a January 2015 trip to Grand Teton National Park I awoke to find the snowstorm from the previous night had dissipated, revealing the beautiful Tetons surrounded by pines and cottonwoods freshly laden with snow. I drove to the Snake River Overlook as I had pre-visualized a pre-dawn alpenglow image of the Tetons in a pink light with the Snake River winding through woodlands covered in fresh snow. The alpenglow and sunrise light was only so-so that morning, and I left the Snake River Overlook feeling unsatisfied. That’s when I saw the sun, now higher in the sky, was backlighting everything in the Antelope Flats. The normally plain and featureless foreground of a snowy field was striking and far from boring – it was broken and dappled by the long dramatic shadows cast by those same glowing cottonwoods. I chose a telephoto lens at 85mm for this landscape to provide a perspective that would compress the distant trees in with the closer ones, and still capture the dramatic shadows in the foreground. Photographing this panorama was challenging, as the sun was barely filtered by the trees and would at times cast unavoidable flare onto the image. In post-processing I converted the image to black and white – I felt the blue sky and bluish snow in the foreground were nice, but I really wanted to emphasize the form of the shadows, the trees casting them, and the glowing sun illuminating the frosted branches,” says DeBarmore.

Equipment: Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS lens, Tripod, remote release