Winter Waterfowl Assignment Winner Bob Larson

Congratulations to the Winter Waterfowl Assignment winner Bob Larson.

Photo By Bob Larson

Congratulations to Bob Larson for winning the Winter Waterfowl Assignment with his image, “Chill Out.”

“Most people think that all the shots of these birds at Watson Lake are lucky shots or ‘right time, right place’ situations. I hate to downplay the big story, but these birds are always there, and they won’t leave me alone! Getting close to them is about as hard as walking up to the shoreline and saying, “Hey guys, how you doing today?” That’s it, they follow me around the rest of the shoot, squawking and ruining reflection shots left and right. I think after so many years of shooting Watson Lake, I’ve just become another part of the landscape. Truth is that as exasperated as I get with them at times, I still can’t resist getting them in the shot, and they get in the shot a blot! This shot was a rare morning shoot, I’m traditionally a sunset shooter due to my work on overnight shifts, but at this time of year the sun is just coming up when I’m heading home. As usual, they started following me around as soon as I arrived. I got away from them for a bit by climbing the granite and shooting from up top, but I couldn’t resist a few with them on my way out. I believe this was about shot number 120 in a series; they may like me, but they don’t pose for me. Divas!”

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