Winter Wildlife Assignment Winner Christoph Stopka

Congratulations to Christoph Stopka for winning the recent Winter Wildlife Assignment with the image, “Doe And Buck in Snowstorm.” See more of Stopka’s photography at

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Winner: "Doe And Buck In Snowstorm" By Christoph Stopka


“It was one of those almost magical meetings between humans and wildlife in unspoiled nature,” says Stopka. “I was on a backcountry ski outing in the Wet Mountains of Colorado when I happened to encounter a small herd of deer. The atmosphere was simply beautiful, it was snowing lightly, almost no wind and there was no fear or anxiety on the part of the deer. We were simply standing and looking at each other. They didn’t even move when I slowly took my camera with the 500mm lens out of my backpack and started taking a few photos. The big buck was keeping an eye on his harem while I was clicking away. After a couple of minutes, I packed up again and we all went in separate directions. I certainly had a big smile on my face because this was truly an untainted and friendly encounter—on their turf.”