Wish You Were Here Assignment Winner Sapna Reddy

Congratulations to Sapna Reddy for winning the recent Wish You Were Here Assignment with the image, “Mystic Forest.” See more of Reddy’s photography at www.sapnareddy.com

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Winner: "Mystic Forest" By Sapna Reddy


“Since 2012, I’ve been visiting the Redwood forests of Northern California every year,” says Reddy. “Few places have the majestic and mystic nature of these forests. The combination of Giant Sequoia trees that have stood for hundreds of years, the lush forest floor covered with a carpet of ferns, the rolling coastal fog adding an ethereal realm to the scene and the occasional delicate pink blossoms of the rhododendrons all adding up to a nature photographer's paradise. I especially love the Del Norte Coastal Redwoods, which have a more delicate architecture than their stout counterparts inland. It’s no surprise that this has become an annual pilgrimage for so many nature photographers.”

Nikon D800E, 24-70mm lens at 35mm. Exposure: 1 sec., f/9, ISO 100.