Working With Layers and Masks

(© Ian Plant) Digital image processing is an important skill these days (albeit oft-times overused), yet Photoshop remains something of a mystery to many digital photo enthusiasts. I've just released a new series of video tutorials that teach the fundamentals of raw conversion, working with layers and masks, image editing using adjustment layers, black & white conversion, and blending multiple exposures.

I'm offering the first two videos in the series for free, including a low-res version of one that I have embedded below. Introduction to Layers and Masks will teach you the fundamentals of working with layers and vector masks, the cornerstone of advanced digital image processing. You can download the high-res version for free from my website. There's another free video, Introduction to Raw Conversion, available as well. Enjoy!

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    Thanks Ian. I have to admit I was bit bummed by the video, I was hoping to see more of your process of how you actually use the layers and masks to edit a photo from RAW conversion to the final product which we see here on the blog.

    Hi Reeve, my “start to finish” process is too much to put into one video (at least one video that can be easily downloaded) – that’s why I have done a whole series of videos to capture all aspects of the process.

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