X-Rite Releases New Profile Creation Software Portfolio

Consolidates ProfileMaker 5 and MonacoPROFILER

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan- June 3, 2009 – X-Rite <http://www.xrite.com>, Incorporated (NASDAQ: XRIT), the world leader in color management, measurement and communication technologies, today announced a new, streamlined high-end profile creation software portfolio for its customers who rely on color accuracy, predictability, and consistency. Effective today, X-Rite will be consolidating the various product options within the ProfileMaker 5 and MonacoPROFILER product families to offer our broad spectrum of customers all-in-one solutions at affordable prices to meet their needs.

ProfileMaker 5 Platinum <http://www.xrite.com/product_overview.aspx?ID=1211>: Allows users to build high-quality, reliable and custom ICC profiles tailored to their requirements. The new ProfileMaker5 Platinum combines all the key features and flexibility of previous editions of ProfileMaker 5 Photostudio and ProfileMaker 5 Publish, and now also includes the Multicolor plug-in for Adobe® Photoshop™ to simplify color separations and proofing.

ProfileMaker 5 Packaging <http://www.xrite.com/product_overview.aspx?ID=795>: which also includes the aNy-Color module, allows for unprecedented consistency in N-color profiling up to 10 colors, giving the customer the option to work with RGB, CMYK, CMYK+X or true N-color without CMYK as part of a packaging workflow. ProfileMaker 5 Packaging also features X-Rite’s Generic Output Profile (GoP) technology to allow users to easily swap colors from an existing press profile without having to run new test charts.

MonacoPROFILER Platinum <http://www.xrite.com/product_overview.aspx?ID=583>: offers customers expert profiling, diagnostics and editing tools for all of their input and output devices. Delivers precise color output for any technology, MonacoPROFILER supports up to 8 inks and 8 discrete colors, providing the flexibility to color-manage wide-gamut, extended color printers.

X-Rite’s new consolidated profiling software portfolio offers high-quality color output for any analog or digital printing technology, including inkjet, laser, offset, and flexo printing. X-Rite’s profile creation solutions allow customers to build high quality, reliable, and custom ICC profiles tailored to their specific workflow needs. Unlike other solutions or RIPs available on the market today, X-Rite’s profiling software packages enable display profile creation, input profiles for capture devices (scanners, digital cameras), output profiles and support the industry’s first Optical Brightening Compensation (OBC) module, as well as our unrivaled ability to factor ambient lighting conditions into profiles thanks to the seamless interoperability of these software solutions with our award winning i1®Pro spectrophotometer.

X-Rite’s profile creation software helps users monitor their press calibration process, further simplifying their ability to achieve and maintain G7 or ISO 12647 compliance, and realize the predictability and repeatability that printing to standards allows. By maximizing G7/ ISO 12647 calibration through custom ICC profile creation and proof verification, customers who print to standards will quickly realize make ready efficiencies that translate into increased profits for their business. ProfileMaker 5 Platinum newly supports the Fogra Media Wedge v.3.0.

Customers will also be able to purchase software and hardware bundles at attractive price points that include X-Rite’s award-winning i1® Solutions or automated chart readers to speed workflow and enhance abilities to print to ISO Standards using G7 process control or the Fogra Media Wedge. They will also have the flexibility to add an i1iSis or an i1iO automated chart reader at a later date as their needs change to include, among other features, Optical Brightening Compensation or measurability of thicker/non-traditional substrates.