Zonerama Offers Entire Photo Library Rescue For Picasa Refugees


Zoner promises that, in just a few clicks, users can import their photo collections from Google’s retired Picasa to Zonerama. Is this free online gallery right for you? Read the press release below to find out.


(April 14th, 2016, San Francisco) With Google’s recent announcement to “retire” their Picasa service, the developers of Zoner’s free and unlimited online gallery, Zonerama have come to the rescue as with just a few simply clicks your entire photo library can safely and securely be moved over to Zonerama.

In February of this year Google announced that its Picasa Web Galleries were on the way out. They will be replaced by Google Photos, and access to the galleries’ editing functions will be cut off. A major dilemma for photo enthusiasts.

“From the growing number of queries about Zonerama, it was clear to us that the photo sorting system in Google Photos is simply a poor fit for many users, driving them to check out Zonerama. But we could also see that to make the switch as seamlessly as possible, they needed an easy way to import their entire photo collections,” explained Zoner product manager Jan Kupčík of the program’s import function origins.

Importing Photos is Easy

In Zonerama’s Upload Photos window there’s a new option, Import from Picasa Web Albums. It instantly takes the user to Google’s login window; from there, a user simply logs in to their Google account and starts the import process. The whole transfer is done in the background, so there’s no need for the user to keep the import window open, or even keep their computer on. An email is sent out when the process is complete, making this tool super easy to use and hassle free with limits on the size the photo library being transferred.

The users’ albums are imported to a hidden folder with the name Picasa. What happens from there is up to each individual user. A user can rename their Picasa import folder, make it public, or add other folders and move albums around within the Picasa folder. Users of Zoner’s Zoner Photo Studio (currently in version ZPS 18) program can also easily manage their photo galleries in that software.

This import capability also supports content from Google Photos, but for technical reasons the Automatic Backup album (with backups of mobile photos) is excluded. Also note that, before we can import the photos from Google, photographs whose longer side is over 1600 px are proportionally shrunk to this size. However, we are confident that this resolution is sufficient for presenting photographs superbly online.

The Zonerama online gallery service is free, ad-free, and unlimited, and it leaves uploaded photos at their full quality. Photos can be uploaded over a web interface or from inside the Zoner Photo Studio photo software, which has Zonerama support built directly into it.

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