Albania: Discover Europe’s Hidden Gem

Spring and Fall trips, 2020

Albania: Discover Europe’s hidden gem. Join our small-group photography and book-making workshops in this stunning, exotic and photo-rich environment. This special opportunity is the first of its kind in a country that only relatively recently emerged from the throes of communism. We’ll take you to ancient cities, the dazzling alps, and sites of cultural heritage while helping you develop your own unique vision. These workshops are crafted to offer you the highest level of individual instruction and support as we visit each hand-picked location in a country few have seen. Unique to Wide Angle Photo Tours’ trips is the bookmaking component, taught by an experienced book author who will accompany select trips.

Wildflowers in the Albanian Alps.

Swimming in the Blue Eye, Saranda.

Led by an Albanian American photographer with thirty years’ experience traveling throughout the country, Wide Angle Photo Tours are designed for the creative and adventurous. We cater to a small group of fellow travelers who love to explore, share unique experiences and make better pictures. The last communist country to fall after fifty years of isolation, Albania is an extraordinary European secret. Each of the three annual itineraries are mapped out but flexible, with private transportation, comfortable lodging, well-versed local guides, and excellent food. We’ll take you to specially chosen locations—from bustling urbanity to remote mountain villages—to make remarkable pictures. The May and June trips include an exclusive bookmaking component that will guide you through editing and sequencing your work. The book you create will be printed and delivered to you upon our return.

Albania: Discover Europe’s Hidden Gem

Socialist Mural over Skanderbeg Square, Tirana.

Albania: Discover Europe’s Hidden Gem

Bunker, cold war remnant, Himara beach.

We offer northern and southern itineraries. The spring trips will take you to northern Albania, where we’ll shoot in and around distinctive ancient cities before heading to the spectacular Alps region. Here we’ll have more time for instruction, reflection, and book editing and sequencing.

Albania: Discover Europe’s Hidden Gem

Valbona, jewel of the north.

Albania: Discover Europe’s Hidden Gem

Swimming in Lake Shkodra.

The fall itinerary focuses on southern Albania. We’ll visit cities of stone and villages of great cultural and epicurean significance—including two World Heritage sites—and we’ll stop to explore Albania’s coastal paradise.

Traditional meal, Korce.

Albania: Discover Europe’s Hidden Gem

The Castle of Gjirokaster, City of Stone.

Wide Angle Photo Tours’ trips are open to professionals and serious amateurs, fine artists and documentary photographers. The workshops are designed to help you develop and hone your own unique visual style. Through regular assignments, private and group discussions and critiques, you will leave a more confident image-maker with an expanded set of skills. And because Albania is my second home, you will meet my family and friends along the way. Albania: See for yourself.


Boating along the Fjords of Albania, Koman Lake.

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