Haifoss waterfalls

If you are curious about the world, crave adventure, love the outdoors, and appreciate the art of photography, we have something in common! Come and join us for an unforgettable experience of traveling the world, capturing the most amazing views, and learn to shoot and edit like a pro along the way.

Skogafoss waterfall

Together we will explore hidden waterfalls, see spellbinding auroras, visit the black sand beaches of Iceland, walk the bold cliffs of the Dolomites and quiet canals on gondolas in Venice, hike along the dreamy blue lakes of Banff, whimsically shaped canyons and gorges of Utah, breathtaking Pacific Coastline ocean views and so much more.

Cliffs in southern Iceland

We will stand among views so grand, that will make you feel humbled, we will guide you to the intimate sights of nature’s wonders to capture all of its beauty; we will show you the way of becoming an Xplorer. The inspiration, creative flow, and stunning pictures are guaranteed!


Our expeditions are carefully crafted to deliver one of a kind experience. For the majority of the excursions, we collaborate with local guides who add a personal touch of familiarity and affection to every sight we see. Our photographers have years of experience under their belts shooting landscapes and each have superb skills to teach you how to edit them to perfection at the end of the day.

Mount Adams

Keeping the group size small allows our team to devote ample time to each participant and develop a personal approach.

We will share our recipe for unforgettable pictures: lighting, composition, settings, and more. After the day in the field, we will teach you to refine and polish your work in Photoshop to attain that ultimate ethereal awe of an image.

C-47 wreckage in southern Iceland

Whether you bought your camera yesterday or have been shooting for years, we welcome all levels of photography experience!

If you join us for an expedition, you don’t have to forgo your vacation! We incorporate a leisure aspect while indulging in local foods, immersing the group in culture, and some time to relax after a day of shooting in the field.

Come and join us for an adventure and Capture Your Moment.

Be brave, be bold, be an ApertureXplorer!

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Golden Gate Bridge


Red rock cliffs in Utah

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