The Art Of Seeing Photography Adventures

The Art of Seeing Photography Workshops

The Art of Seeing Photography Workshops

“You don’t have to go to amazing places to learn to see, but it’s more fun that way.” – Ken Lee

The Art of Seeing Photography Workshops

We all instantly recognize good photographs when we see them. Then why is it so hard to create them with our cameras? You’ve heard of the photographer’s eye. It’s the thing that lets some people make amazing photographs from scenes where others see nothing. And as much as technology can dress up mundane pictures, it’s creative vision that’s ultimately at the core of making images with impact. The question is whether this is a special talent you have to be born with or is it something you can acquire?


I work hard to create unique, photography focused, off-the-beaten-path adventures for small groups interested in growing as photographers. What better way to get inspired and focus on your photography than to immerse yourself in an amazing location where everything is new to your eyes and you are free from distractions? If you’d like to learn some practical methods to improve your creative vision, then I invite you to join us.

The Art of Seeing Photography Workshops

The Art of Seeing Photography Workshops
Please contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to meeting you out there someday.—Ken Lee
[email protected]
(949) 282-9660

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