Colorado Moose Tours By Landscape And Wildlife Photographer Jonathan Steele

Have you ever wanted to photograph moose but just don’t know where to look or don’t have any moose near where you live? Have you wanted to experience the adrenaline rush of being up close with these majestic creatures?

Join Jonathan Steele in one of his Moose Photography Tours in Northern Colorado for an adventure that has been called an experience of a lifetime! Based out of Walden, the Moose capital of Colorado, Jonathan will bring you to locations in Northern Colorado that moose are known to frequent. During his most recent three day tour the group had 97 sightings of moose with 38 individual sightings on just one morning. Though some were off in the distance the vast majority were well within good photographic distance with many being under 50 yards including some as close as 10 yards.

Moose Photography Tours

The tours offered are semi-private tours with a maximum of three people. This allows flexibility on the groups mobility and the time spent in productive areas. Each tour member will have their own window seat in the tour vehicle allowing for quick reaction to sudden and or up-close encounters. A smaller group is also less intimating to the moose giving them a comfort level that allows the group to photograph more intimate moments that may occur, such as the scene with the cow and calf below.

Moose Photography Tours

All tours are scheduled at times when no hunting is allowed and during the week when there are fewer campers in the areas. The moose tend to wander deeper into the woods when there are more people and pets around. 

Moose Photography Tours

Moose tend to be slow-moving creatures so the need for fast lenses just isn’t there. Lens lengths from 24mm to 300mm will get you great shots. Want to bring a longer lens? Go right ahead but it will be rarely used!  Why a 24mm you ask? It’s a great lens for capturing wildlife in their full surroundings as shown below. 

Moose Photography Tours

Yes, the tours are in wilderness areas at elevations of up to 10400 feet. Depending on sightings, hikes of up to 1-mile round trip will be included. Because of the hiking and elevation, good health is a must.  

Don’t be fooled by the moose moving slowly, they can move fast at speeds of up to 35 mph! They are wild animals and therefore can be unpredictable at times. Your guide not only works to get you to locations but while on location will monitor the actions of the moose and locations of group members to ensure your safety. 

Have a question about camera settings or composition?  Go right ahead and ask! Jonathan is an experienced photographer offering Photography Workshops in different areas of the country. He has the knowledge and experience to help you get that shot!

For more information on the Moose tours please visit Jonathan’s website page for the tours at or you may email at [email protected] or call at 860-984-3810.

When this tour fills up, a second will be added, when that fills, a third. There will be no more than 3 tours. If you have a larger group, max 6, contact Jonathan.

Moose Photography Tours

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