Africa In The RAW—Exposure Tours

Exposure Tours—Africa in the RAW

Photo Safaris the way they should be. Created by photographers, unrushed, uncrowded and RAW.

With over 30 years of experience, our award-winning Director of Photography Bryan Pereira designs every detail and accompanies you to provide 1:1 feedback image reviews and instruction. Join us in the Mara or Serengeti where we limit each 4x4 vehicle to only two guests allowing you lots of space for gear and always a clear field of view at multiple levels.

Exposure Tours—Africa in the RAW

You can expect to be shooting before dawn and well after sunset as we capture not only wildlife but landscapes and portraits. Unlike other tours, we also explore and teach you new techniques ranging from advanced camera settings and post production to infra-red and star trails.

Exposure Tours—Africa in the RAW

Our service includes a pre-departure consultation, gear rental program and even onsite backups. With these and other unique photography related features, it’s easy to see how we have used our intellectual property to create the perfect photo safari, all that’s missing is YOU.

Join us now, online and on tour.

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