Hawaii Photo Retreat

Personalized East Hawaii tours with professional photographer Ken Goodrich

 Limited to 1 or 2 participants


Hawaii Photo Retreat

Come to the Big Island, leave everyday pressures behind and focus completely on your photography. Ken tailors each tour experience to your specific photographic needs. Gain confidence by building on your photographic skill with improved composition and artful seeing.

Optional: Using your own photos in a 1:1 studio session, Ken will show you how to maximize image potential through the use of Photoshop, Lightroom, Aurora HDR, Topaz Studio or Nik Filters.Hawaii Photo Retreat

Learn to create natural-looking HDR images to deal with super high contrast subjects.

Hawaii Photo Retreat

Explore miles of pristine coastline, and intimate waterscapes in the lush coastal rainforests.

 Night photography

The Big Island is known for dark skies free of light pollution. Learn techniques to bring out the drama and depth of the night sky.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is home to Pele, the goddess of Kilauea Volcano, one of the most active on the planet. Cooled lava abstractions, such as this one, are intriguing subjects for black-and-white images.

Infrared photography

In the middle of the day when the sun is high, Ken can show you how to shoot in infrared. It performs beautifully in harsh light, changing tonalities and delivering unexpected, sometimes surreal, results. 

Southeast coastline

The rugged and wild Southeast coastline is the place to experiment with the magic of slow shutter exposures to render waves and water as you envision them in your mind’s eye.

Hawaii Tropical Bioreserve and Garden

Situated on the Hamakua Coast, the Hawaii Tropical Bioreserve and Garden welcomes travelers to see and photograph the many varieties of exotic trees and plants from all over the world.  

Smartphone photography

The smartphone can be an excellent tool for photography, particularly when skillfully edited. Applications are inexpensive and invite exploration. Working with a lightweight camera phone allows for experimentation, serendipity, and serious art.

Volcanic eruption

Volcanic eruptions are rare, unpredictable and spectacular. Kilauea does not always erupt with this much drama, but when it does, thousands of acres of hot red lava can flow from summit to sea providing a fascinating view of what will become new land.

For more information about Hawaii Photo Retreat’s personalized tours contact:

Mary or Ken Goodrich

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Ken (808) 345-0073


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